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I want to share with everybody a remedy that may help some folks out there that are having legal or financial troubles. It takes a bit of studying, or really listening to long, drawn out explanations of the remedy in a couple of audio files linked below.

I was told about the "Executor letter" by a friend of mine who I've worked with for almost a year on the financial remedies. When I listened to some information on it, it took everything I learned to a whole new level.

The man who brings this information to our attention is David Clarence Schroll. And by his own introduction, he has 38 years of experience dealing with and learning about the de facto system that we are all pretty much part of. The "remedy" he explains is much simpler than any "tea party" or "patriot" movement. He may talk slow and go into a LOT of detail on these tapes, but take the time to listen with your heart to what he’s saying, not how he says it…the thoroughness is much appreciated by yours truly!

It's all a matter of knowing who we are and that is the Executor of our ALL CAPS NAME Estate. He claims that when they mailed our birth certificate to us, they were notifying us that we're the executor of the ALL CAPS NAME Estate. His take is that THE UPPER CASE NAME is not a Strawman or a Corporation, but a Trust for an Estate in our name in which we are the only Executor of. But because we do not step forward and fulfill the duties of Executor, we are in fact, letting other people administer our estates or act as Trustees on our behalf. In fact, a Trustee was never appointed so that anyone and everyone could act, without our knowledge as that Trustee. And Trust law is the highest law of the land, making us the most powerful person in the world as Executor of our Estate.

He has put together a wonderful, concise letter, which when used in just about any situation where someone is trying to administer your estate, can supposedly stop that in its track. This letter, along with audio explanations, are all contained below in links which will provide you with a path to follow if you find yourself in a legal situation, like foreclosure, or a traffic ticket, or even any court case or state related matter. People are using this letter to settle bills by sending it to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer of companies, and by sending it to the Office of the Court Administrator of their state.

While I cannot verify that this letter will work for you, if you really need a path to fix a financial or legal problem, in my opinion is it’s worth a try. It makes total sense to me. You must know in your heart that you are more powerful than these people. You must own that before any of these remedies will work. I truly believe that…


It does take some time to listen to the MP3, and this man is quiet slow in his approach, but while some people want, “wham bam thank you Ma’am” as far as get to the bottom line, I totally appreciate his slow thorough approach which makes me understand his total reasoning. Now, this man can sometime be a little cocky, but I’ve learned “love them even more”! He does make you work for the information to some degree, but it’s information that appears to be worth working for…

So here are the details and more than you’ll ever want to know! You’ll see some other links for people who want more information on David Clarence Schroll’s information. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!


Find the “Estate and Executor/Executrix Letter” at this site:

Google Groups - county notary - the Highest Office in Law! - http://groups.google.com/group/county-notary_highest-office-in-law/...

Select this file: Estate_Executor-Executrix_Office_Letter-Revision-6.pdf


Estate and Executor/Executrix Letter Recording's:


Angela Stark's TalkShoe Broadcast September 16th, 2010 – FOUNDATIONAL (3 hours) http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-39904/TS-395347.mp3


Angela's October 23rd Estate/Executor Letter Explanation STEP BY STEP (6.5 hrs) -


Estate and Executor Office information on Angela's My Private Audio Web Site:




James Paul Madison's TalkShoe Broadcast Oct 5th, 2010 -




Do you want more information and details concerning the most powerful sovereignty movement implemented since 4 July, 1776? visit your county
notary web site - http://groups.google.com/group/county-notary_highest-office-in-law?...

Listen to or download our previous Broadcast Episode Archives here



Type "countynotary" or "david clarence" into the search window on Archive.org!




And, Podcasting here -




Google Groups - county notary - the Highest Office in Law! - http://groups.google.com/group/county-notary_highest-office-in-law?...


Information Disseminated By: david clarence schroll.

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